LamasDiko is a new approach to the Diko, a website destined to be used as a dictionary to look up words, their definition, their relationships with other words, their "semantic interest"... Data that has been gathered by the website jeuxdemot.

The goal of this project was to create an independent Web site, that would allow the user to look up the words they wsh with a responsive an more effective interface than the original's, the only access to the database being a bi-weekly "dump" of the database.

We created a NodeJS server that would parse the dump (composed of more than 58 millions entries) and store them asynchronously, a thousand entries at a time, into the MongoDB database. This server is then functioning independently and update its data every 2 weeks using a CRON job.

We then used Symfony 3 and Bootstrap to create a front-office website which loads most data using AJAX requests.