Light | Dark

The Light|Dark project aims to create a bi-dimensional video-game by going through all the steps of the video game development to the realization of a fully functional model which can be presented then played by regular players.  

It also illustrates the constraints related to the realization of a puzzle/adventure oriented videogame: analysis, ergonomics, mechanisms, visual and sound environment, and most of all the particular relationship between scenario and gameplay.

This game has been developed using the programming language Java and the library libGDX.

First developped as a "prototype" for a university project under a reasearcher's supervision in 2013 (the screenshots come from this early version), Light | Dark is currently being completely recreated as a complete video game. With the participation of an artist in charge of the general artistic direction, a 3D artist modeling the environment, a sound designer and an animator, we're aiming at creating an original video-game with a real attention to details, may they be in the code, the art or the scenario.

For this new version, we're using the Unity engine and Spine as the tool for our animations. We're also following the Agile development methods and strict code maintenance.