During my internship at the ChiCI research group (University of Central Lancashire, Preston, UK) in 2014, I was asked to create a tool using some of the technologies put at my disposal: Raspberry Pi, Arduino and Netduino. The video on the left is the result.

PiBot is a project aiming to enhance the UCLan robot SRV designed by a lecturer of UCLan, thus bringing an easy and detachable solution to control the robot via radio waves. It consists in a Raspberry Pi server fixed on the robot, broadcasting a video stream on the local network and receiving commands from two types of client: a Web interface and an Android application.

The Android application has been developed using Java Standard Edition, the natives Android libraries and the GStreamer framework. The Web interface uses Java Enterprise Edition and the AJAX and JSP technologies.

Keywords: J2EE, AJAX, Android, video stream, UCLan robot SRV, Web interface, radio communications, Serial-Port programming.