Created in order to allow artists and designers to manage their own e-portfolio, Galanthis is a Web project that we can say display the evolution of my knowledge in Web programming over the years.

Started in 2008 as a simple HTML/CSS website for my brother's portfolio that I would update myself, it then became a small CMS as I entered University in my first year. Wanting to learn how to develop Web applications, I used this opportunity to learn how to program with PHP and JavaScript. The first iteration then allowed my brother to manage his portofolio himself with simple and natural interactions (drag'n'drop, WYSIWYG editor...), but it was slow and only had a few functionnalities.

In 2015, as I just finished the UMDB project and other relatives asked for their own portfolio to be created, I decided to completely erase this project and develop a new CMS, still following the same philosophy: a way for artists, designers and photographers to manage their own website quickly and easily. 

This time, I used Symfony 2.8 to improve my productivity and create a cleaner, more maintable code. For the front-end, I used Boostrap 3 so I could develop reponsive interfaces. Using those tehcnologies gave me the time to implement new functionnalities, and users can now create a multitude of portfolios, integrated blogs, pages, edit and sort them, add new photos/videos at any time, generate backups... 

Galanthis is now a ready to use code for a CMS,  a reliable bundle I use for future websites. Every time I have to create a new e-portfolio, the code is forked and Galanthis is adapted to the user's needs by adding a "showcase" bundle and/or a new module. For example, the website you're currently visiting is powered by Galanthis.

As they share the same base, updating every websites is then simply done by merging a branch to another, allowing to quickly create and maintain a website for anyone.

Here's two of them:

Keywords: PHP, Symfony, Bootstrap, JQuery, Javascript, CMS, Doctrine, MySQL, ORM, Assetic.